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Super Gasomil - JS Powder
Author:    Addtime: 2018-9-14 13:18:25   Hits: 448

 COMPOSITION: Each gram concain

Bacillus subtilis,Nitrobacterium ,Nitrococcus, photosynthetic bacteria


-  Decreases water turbidity caused by organic suspended solids.

Absorbs all type of toxic gases such as NH4 (NH3), H2S, CO2, NO2 .

Increase oxygen levels ,stabilize the PH value in the bottom of the pool.

Improves growth rate, survival rate, productivity


Exteral use:for the first time ,400-500 grams //4000m3 of water

From second dosage half dosage , once every 15 days.

Internal use:mixed with feed ,10-30g grams/kg feed.



Do not change water or use disinfectant in 7 days after using this product.

Do not use antibacterial drugs while using this product.


Store in a dry and cool place not exceeding 30°C. Keep away from direct sunlight.


The Product is free from antibiotic, nitrofuran, melamine and any other heavy metal.