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Nucolmox Vet
Author:    Addtime: 2018-3-22 10:21:48   Hits: 405

 Composition: Each 100gm contains

Amoxicillin tryhydrate BP     12000mg

Colistin Sulphate                 60000000IU


     1.Good water solubility:Fast dissolution, water solution clarification and transparency

     2.Lasting efficacy:Use of slow control preparation technology,prolong the efficacy of Medicine

     3.Oral absorption completely,It is widely distributed in the body and high concentration of blood.

Dosage and usage:

1kg of poultry products watered 1-2 tons, once every 3-5 days. Cattle and sheep 5g / 100kg body weight, 2 times a day, lasts 3-5 days.