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 Composition: Toltrazuril 2.5%

Product Positioning: Small intestine coccidiosis.

Product Features: Tropetail has broad-spectrum anti-coccidiosis activity.

1, 1-5 days after the infection in animals, the first two generations of schizonts and gametophyte have very good results.

2, the role of a wide range of uses, poisoning, soft, giant, heap type, Brinell, ease and other Eimeria have a killing effect.

3, using composite organic solvent technology, easy to absorb, the effect is good.

 4, slow drug resistance.

5. Reduce the material within 24 hours, reduce deaths 48 hours, 72 hours control large group, feed intake increased, the mental state is good, no longer appear sluggish chicken.

Dosage and usage: 7mg / kg body weight. For 2 days, 24 hours a day or 8 hours a day drinking water. Limit drinking water can be extended to 3 days.