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Herbal medicine
Codonopsis pilosula, Atractylodes (fried), Poria, licorice, astragalus Sunburn, yams, fried Semen, angelica, Gentiana, Citrus, Toosendan, Cyperus vinegar, malt.
Benefit qi and nourish blood
Invigorate Liver and kidney
Warm uterus and prevent miscarriage
Enhance immunity and detoxify
Tonify the kidney and arrest spontaneous emission
Usage and dosage
Sows use 20 days before birth:
 lubricate the birth canal, increase productivity, shorten the time of birth.
Mix 1000g this product with 1000kg feed.
Sows use 20 days after birth:
Promote uterine repair, improve milk quality, promote estrus.
Mix 1000g this products with 1000kg feed.
Sows use after 15 days since mating:
Promote embryo implantation, reduce recessive infection.
Mix 1000g this products with 1000kg feed, lasts 10 days.
Expire: 3 Years