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Growth Promoter
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Growth Promoter
Vitamins, amino acids, organic trace elements, attractant peptides, organic titanium, complex enzymes, cysteine hydrochloride.
Increase feed intake, rapid growth:
Using this product,increase feed intake within 1 day , feed phenomenon disappeared within 5 days, fecal delicate,
significantly grow within 15 days, weight gain 15kg for whole process use, slaughter 15 days in advance.
Improve body shape:
Promote protein synthesis and fat deposition, improve pig body size, improve lean meat rate, slaughter rate.
Would appear skin red hair within 3 days.
Improve feed utilization:
Improve the activity of enzymes to promote carbohydrates, fats, amino acids, minerals and other nutrients digestion
and absorption, reduce the meat and meat ratio.
Enhance immunity:
Activate the immune system, relieve immune suppression, improve disease resistance, long-term feeding can
make pigs less incidence of disease or not.
Supplement nutrition, reduce the stress caused by weaning stress, transportation stress and heat stress
Usage and dosage
This product with high concentrations, can not directly feeding, should mix with other feed
Piglets (10-30kg):  Mixing 1kg this product with 800-1000kg feed.
Pig(30-75kg):  Mixing 1kg this product with 800-1200kg feed.
Pig(75kg-slaughter):  Mixing 1kg this product with 800-1500kg feed.
Expire: 3 Years