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Povidone Iodine Solution
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Each ml liquid contains iodine 50mg. 
Poultry establishments and environmental disinfection
Animal surface disinfection
Animal drinking water disinfection
Farm equipment disinfection
Emergency disinfection epidemic 
Special scientific research results
1)Improve the disinfection products effective ingredients adhesion and deposition on bacteria, virus, parasite surface.
2)Increase the release rate and expansion area of effective components.
3)Enhancing the penetration ability of the active components in the bacteria, viruses and worms.
4)Increase the dissolved oxygen in water.
Targeted efficient disinfection
Targeted efficient disinfection, can take the initiative to the direction of a variety of pathogens, increase the adhesion of the product and the amount of deposition, to achieve efficient disinfection.
1) Broad spectrum, quick acting, high efficiency and long lasting effect.
    The product have a good killing effect of bacteria, spores, viruses,    
    protozoa, fungi. 5 minutes disinfection, the effect is exact, killing rate of
    99.99% or more, in the face of the formation of the disinfection mask 
    mask, effectively extend the time of disinfection
2) High stability
    This product adopts polymerization, nano - composite technology, product
    stability, effective iodine is not volatile, not subject to organic matter, water, 
    temperature, light and so on.
3) Safety and environmental protection, clean air
    This product has the fresh fragrance of jasmine;
    Drinking water disinfection has no effect on animal kidney;
    Can be used for disinfection of skin and mucous membrane
4) Low drug resistance
    Pathogenic microorganisms on the polymerization of iodine TM poly
    Ketone iodine solution does not produce drug resistance
Poultry establishments and environmental disinfection: 1 liter this product mixing with 2000-2500 liters water for spilling evenly.
Animal surface disinfection: 1 liter this product mixing with 1500-2000 liters water for spraying.
Animal drinking water disinfection: 1 liter this product mixing with 4000 liters water to drinking.
Farm equipment disinfection: 1 liter this product mixing with 1200 liters water for spilling evenly.
Emergency disinfection epidemic: 1 liter this product mixing with 800 liters water for spilling evenly. 
In cool and dry places,avoid of sunlight.