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Albendazole Premix
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Each gm powder contains Albendazole 100mg.

For treatment of endoparasite and ectoparasite 
such as nematode,trematode,cestode,mites  etc..
Contra indication
It is invalid to dog and cat with single injection.
It can take effect for 3 days.
It is seriously not available to eating horse.
It is seriously not available to cow and  pregnancy at earlier 45 days. 
1. Broad-spectrum insecticide, nematodes, tapeworms, flukes have a strong drive to kill .
2. Safe, non-toxic side effects, laying hens and chickens can be used.
3. Cross-resistance with other drugs. 
Directly oral: 
5-10mg per kg body weight for horse.
10-15mg per kg body weight for cattle and sheep.
25-50mg per kg body weight for dog.
10-20mg per kg body weight for poultry.
Mixing with feed: 50g this product mixing with 40-50kg feed. 
Packing: 100g/bag
Expire: 3 Years